1. Project Brief

Before starting anything, you need to know exactly what your client needs. The best way to do so is fixing a meeting with them. Gather almost all of the information you can, ask relevant questions, note them. It’s very important to knowing what you are going to design.

  1. More & More Research

After having a clear vision of what you’re going to design. You’ve to do research on some following topics.Market trends, competitors, designs, colors and textures, etc.

  1. Strategy

This step may vary depending on the scale of your project, but it’s best to make a strategy before starts working on the project. By this, you analyze the research gathered and decide how to start your design and functionality criteria.

  1. Production & Completion

Now when strategy is ready, you can start the production, whether it is needs Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Premiere or as required by project. Always be confident at the end of the process and recognize your accomplishments of a positive outcome with your client

  1. Submission & Reviews

After your project has been completed, it’s time to deliver the final design. As you wrap up your project, your goal is to leave your client over the moon impressed while preparing your work for future success. And you must not forget to review your work.


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