For a beginner artist, primary thing is to having a clear vision of what you are going to create? What are the rules? What are the things to do or do not?
Make a wire frame of what you are going to design further.

Think, plan and follow following steps…..

1. Sketch

Primarily, important thing for a grphic designer is to “imagine” & “Sketch”. Do friendship with your pencil. Predominantly Get that what you want to design or what client wants from you to design. “Think and sketch” . Just let your thoughts flow on paper through the pencil. It helps alot in your software work.

3. R & D :

Take some time in collecting inspirations by the sophisticated in graphics. Do search, wander for sharpening your skills and developing by taking references from masters.

3. Be Choosy For Fonts:

Fonts are the important factor of design. Font should be elegant, readable & eye capturing. Do experiments & find impeccable font for your perticular project.

5. Color:

One can make an enormous mistake in choosing color. Too much color contrasts can destroy your design. Think about what you are going to design and choose color suitable to your project. As, Blue represents “Trust”,Green represents “life, renewal, nature and energy” etc.

6. Stay updated:

Essential thing for an artist is being updated to the trend.As a marketer, you should know about the trend of time.

7. Get FEEDBACK and learn from it:

Public should appreciate or criticize your artwork, that have helped you in developing your skills and getting more knowledge. Feedback are important as “Criticism can upgrade you in better version”


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